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Do you know that our smartphones might be multiple times dirtier than a public toilet? Are you sure you take good care of your earbuds? We pass an enormous amount of germs to our belongings every single day – just think about all those grocery carts, public transport, or all the handles you‘ve touched… Don‘t take those germs home. SmartSanitizer Pro is here to help you avoid that!

It’s a tiny, portable device that uses UV light technology to kill up to 99.99% from all exposed surfaces. Created with a focus on smartphones, SmartSanitizer Pro is still able to provide an ultra-high sterilization to anything that you can fit inside. Say goodbye to bacteria and enjoy your germ-free life!

What makes  SmartSanitizer Pro so special?

Such a tiny device and such a huge impact on your daily life! SmartSanitizer Pro is exactly what you need to keep you away from germs. It’s stylish and fits in your pocket which makes it not only a helpful tool to fight unwanted bacteria, but also your classiest accessory! It uses safe, harmless technology that allows high and effective disinfection in only 6 minutes. The process is completely odourless, colorless and without chemical residue which means that there’s no time to wait – SmartSanitizer Pro is a must have!

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